Nautor's Swan - Meet the SwanLINE range

Swan Line

The pride of Finland

The Nautor's Swan yard is in Pietarsaari, Finland, a coastal town on the Gulf of Bothnia, which is connected to the North and Norwegian seas to the south and west. It is home to generations of expert boat builders who have crafted Swan yachts equal to the challenges of the environment.

Enrico Chieffi, CEO of Nautor’s Swan, once said, “The Finns are known for constancy, methodical order, and a maniacal attention to detail. The extreme conditions of the environment forbid approximation and everything produced by man must be safe, efficient and reliable. The necessity to exclude error is translated into excellence of method, and into the most rigorous construction ethic.”

Designed for grace and performance

Swan designs originate from the German Frers design team in Milan and Buenos Aires. For more than 29 years, this team has designed the most seaworthy and stylish sailing yachts in the world. The trademarks of Frers design are impeccable hull lines, nimble performance and uncompromising comfort. The combination of classic aesthetics with elite craftsmanship is at work in every Swan

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